How fathers can obtain fair custody agreements

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2023 | Child Custody

Some fathers assume incorrectly that they are less likely to get a fair child custody agreement. However, states like Arkansas have laws that emphasize the importance of both parents in a child’s life.

It is crucial for fathers to know their rights and understand the factors that affect custody cases.

Child custody in Arkansas

Family courts here in Arkansas strive to prioritize children and their families’ best interests in divorce and custody cases. For most families, that usually involves sharing childcare responsibilities and parental rights. Joint custody arrangements in which both parents can participate in important decisions and spend quality time with their children are preferable. In some cases, fathers can share legal custody even if the children’s mother has primary physical custody. Under these arrangements, fathers can participate in decisions that impact their children’s lives and often receive parenting time with their children.

Seeking a fair agreement

Fathers who offer guidance and affection to their children are more likely to obtain custody or receive generous visitation time. To provide evidence, divorcing or unmarried fathers can document their parental involvement, including attending important appointments and events as well as taking on daily childcare responsibilities. Financial records and character references can also strengthen a father’s case. Similarly, it is beneficial for fathers involved in custody cases to demonstrate a willingness to compromise on co-parenting issues. Fathers should strive to communicate openly and collaborate with their former partners in matters regarding scheduling, visitation and other important life decisions.

A fair child custody agreement can enable a father to fulfill childcare obligations, stay involved in his children’s lives and retain his rights as a parent.