Factors That Can Make A Divorce More Complicated

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Divorce

Experiencing a divorce brings about complex obligations and even more complex emotions, even if your marital split is a relatively straightforward one. However, certain factors can add additional layers of complication to an already stressful situation.

Whether you choose to settle your divorce through mediation or in the courtroom, any complicating factors that might affect the process are sure to come to light. You can prepare for these complexities by knowing what to expect if any of them should arise.

Hidden assets

A hostile spouse might attempt to hide assets during your divorce in an attempt to take away more money in the split. In a similar vein, the court might expose that your spouse has unreported income that is inconsistent with previous financial statements. In addition to extending the divorce proceedings, such financial consistencies can also lead to a tax audit for both you and your spouse down the line.


The division of assets and determination of child custody might take a turn if your spouse is guilty of cheating during your marriage. While these changes are likely to be in your favor, you should still prepare for an extended process as a result.

Child custody

If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have young children together, then the court will take time to determine who is the more suitable primary guardian. You should also work with your co-parent to draft a parenting plan, which includes creating a custody and visitation schedule.

Divorce is an ordeal that many people prefer to complete and quickly put behind them. Even so, you must see to all the related complications to ensure that everything comes to a favorable conclusion.