How Does Alimony Work In Arkansas?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Divorce

You may have concerns about how you will support yourself after divorce. In Arkansas, you may be able to request alimony from your former spouse.

Review the factors that influence spousal support if you live in the state and plan to end your marriage.

Types of alimony

Arkansas recognizes temporary, rehabilitative and permanent alimony. Temporary alimony lasts from the separation date until you get a final divorce order. Usually, Arkansas judges order rehabilitative alimony, which lasts from the divorce date for a specified time. It provides support while you seek a better-paying job or pursue educational opportunities.

Arkansas rarely orders permanent alimony. However, the judge may award ongoing payments with no end date if you cannot work because of disability or age.

Considerations for alimony

If you request spousal support in your divorce, the court will consider how long your marriage lasted and review the standard of living you shared during the relationship. The judge will also consider each person’s assets, income, debts and future earning ability.

While the court does not have the formula to calculate alimony, the state Supreme Court has established 20% as a reasonable amount of temporary support. In other words, if your spouse earns $5,000 per month, the court may order him or her to pay $1,000 in alimony throughout the divorce proceedings.

You can also negotiate alimony outside of court with your spouse. In some cases, you may prefer to receive a lump sum or a larger share of property instead of monthly payments. If you have a valid prenuptial agreement, the court will abide by its terms for spousal support if applicable.